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Caterpillar Poem

There was a giant caterpillar,
More than ten-feet long,
tape measure
Chomped whole trees instead of leaves,
It really was real wrong...
Yes that creeping caterpillar,
Loved the month of June,
Wrapped itself,
With a tent,
And made a huge cocoon!
When it hatched,
I was so shocked,
What I saw was this...
An airplane sized,
From the chrysalis!


watch Mr. R.'s butterfly metamorphosis music video!
butterfly metamorphosis song

Caterpillars are the larval forms of butterflies that hatch from, you guessed it, butterfly eggs.
Caterpillars go through a metamorphosis inside a cocoon or chrysalis (The poem is actually inaccurate in that it uses both cocoon and chrysalis to describe the butterfly's place of metamorphosis- but it's done for art's sake).
A cocoon is a silk case usually made by the larva of moths and other insects, while a chrysalis is the hard skin of a caterpillar in which it will morph into a butterfly.

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