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Camel Poem

camel smiling

A lumpy, bumpy, grumpy camel,
Flashing bright-white, tooth enamel,
Wrapped herself in flowered flannel,
Said I’m such a special mammal...
But one mistake, some people make,
Is one that makes me feel irate,
They think there’s water in my hump,
And that’s just why, I’m such a grump,


bactrian camel- two humps(2 humps)
Or Dromedary,
dromedary camel- one hump (1 hump)
Our humps are there,
But they don’t carry,
Water, food, or hearts that thump,
Each one's just a fat-filled bump…


There are two camel species- the dromedary camel has one hump and the bactrian camel has two humps.
Although some people believe that camels hold water in their humps, the humps are actually made up of fatty tissue.
Because of physical adaptations, camels are able to go for long periods without water and food.

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