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Bud Poem

buds on a tree
Bursting bud,
On a tree,
Wrapped in tiny, little leaves...
It weathers winter's,
Ice and snow,
Waiting for its chance to grow…
When’s that day,
Gonna’ come?
When Spring has sprung,
With springtime sun!
And when those sunny days arrive,
That little bud begins to thrive,
Waking from its winter nap,
Begins to grow, and then unwrap,
I often watch in disbelief,
When tiny bud sprouts giant leaf!
maple leaf green

What is a bud?
A leaf bud is a type of bud that will eventually grow into a new leaf.
In deciduous trees, buds are formed in fall and remain dormant throughout the winter.
In spring, these buds will develop into the plant's new leaves.

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