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Banana Slug

Banana slug!
banana slug
I’m not a bug!
I’m not a bug!!
I’m a gooey gastropod!
Got no shell on my bod…
A type of snail,
Thin and yellow,
Kinda’ slow,
Kinda’ mellow,
Banana hued,
May have spots,
You like goo?
I got lots!
Keeps me moist,
Keeps me alive,
Are my eyes!
One lung only,
How I breathe,
Eat some plants,
Climb on trees,
I’m a slug,
Every day,
Not a bug,
In any way!

Banana Slug:
Banana slugs are land slugs (mollusks) that are found on the Pacific Coast of the United States- all the way from Southern Alaska to Santa Cruz, California.
Banana slugs get their name because of their banana-like color, although there are some that are green and brown.
Banana slugs are the second largest slugs in the world and can be up to 10-inches long!
Banana slugs have two pairs of tentacles that help them sense the world around them.
Banana slugs have only one lung for breathing.
Banana slugs coat themselves with a thick, slimey, mucous so they do not dehydrate (They have to have moisture to live).

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