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It’s summer time,
Sun is strong,
It’s summer time,
Days are long,
It’s summer time,
Out of school,
It’s summer time,
Swim in pool,
It’s summer time,
Leaves on trees,
It’s summer time,
Frogs and bees,
It’s summer time,
After spring,
It’s summer time,
Birds do sing,
It's summer time,
Before the fall,
My favorite season,
Of them all...

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Summer is the season that is characterized by the warmest temperatures and longest days of the year. Summer comes between Spring and Autumn, and in the northern hemisphere begins on or around June 21st. This date coincides with the summer solstice which has the longest daylight period of the year (the shortest in the southern hemisphere.)
On the date of the summer solstice, the north pole gets 24-hours of sunlight, while the south pole gets 24-hours of darkness!

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