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Lunar Eclipse

lunar eclipse

I like to hike into the night,
The full moon works as my flashlight,
Illuminates the nighttime sky,
Mars, and stars shine bright nearby,
But wait, my light has disappeared,
I’m in the dark,
Just what I feared!
Oh No!
The moon has lost its glow,
The park is dark,
Where did moon go?
Where’s moon gone?
How can I see?
Without its moonlight guiding me?
It was right there,
I know! I know!
Leading, leading, with its glow!
But now it’s gone,
And gone is right,
No part of moon is still in sight,
I’ll close my eyes,
I’ll purse my lips,
Tonight’s the night!
Lunar eclipse!
But wait, what’s that?
It caught my eye,
A bit of bright light lit the sky!
Now it’s growing,
There’s the moon,
Just where it hangs,
From June to June!
Yes, the moon is out at last,
From Earth’s shadow,
Eclipse has passed…


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Lunar Eclipse:
A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth's shadow blocks the light that usually reflects off the moon.
Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth, Sun, and Moon are aligned in close to a straight line. (syzygy).
A lunar eclipse lasts for a few hours, and can be viewed from anywhere on Earth where it is nighttime.
Lunar eclipses only occur on nights when there is a full moon.
There are three types of lunar eclipse: partial, total, and penumbral.

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