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Playtpus Poem

platypus poem

What could you be?
You can't be a mammal,
You're nothing like me!
You got...
Kind of a duck's bill,
You like to lay eggs,
You deliver bad venom,
Through spikes on your legs...
You live in Australia,
You're quite the celeb,
Feet like an otter,
Toes that are webbed...
webbed feet- swim flippers
Your tail like beavers,
You grind up your food,
No teeth in your mouth,
I'd say it's quite rude!
You stay in the water,
A lot of the time,
You're really quite strange,
That opinion is mine...
OK, you're a mammal,
But you're pretty extreme,

One of two types of egg-laying mammals (along with the echidna).
The platypus is only found in Australia.

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