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Magnet Poem

I ate a magnet,
Tasted good,
Mom got mad,
I knew she would…
"Get that magnet out!" she cried,
"Magnets aren’t good inside!"
Tried to fish it out with wood,
wood plank
But magnet didn’t stick too good...
Tried to fish it out with rubber,
rubber duck
Then I tried,
Some whale's blubber,
Tried to fish it out with glass,
Then I tried,
Some green crab grass,
crab grass
Tried to fish it out with plastic,
Things were getting pretty drastic,
Paper, onions, basketball,
Nothing pulled it out at all!
Dad saw and said,
"Here’s the trick,
To certain things,
Will magnets stick!
Things with iron,
Are the key,
Try one, son,
I think you’ll see..."
So I went, and found,
An iron nail,
Now I’ll really,
End this tale…
Tied the nail,
To a string,
Dropped it down my mouth,
That thing,
And when I pulled that nail out,
The magnet was attached no doubt…
Don't eat magnets,
And in fact,
Stick to food,
That won’t attract!

What is a Magnet?
Magnets are materials that attract objects such as iron. They do this by creating an invisible magnetic field.
Magnets have two poles- a north and a south pole. When a magnet is allowed to spin freely (such as in a compass) the north pole will point to the Earth's magnetic north.
An electromagnet is a magnet that is made from a coil of wire and an electric source, and only has magnetism when an electric current is passing through it.

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