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Herbivore Poem

Tell me more!
What kind of food,
Do they adore?
Grass, and plants,
And leaves, and trees,
Prunes, and pears, and plums, and peas...
Leeks, and limes, and lima beans,
All the fruits you've ever seen,
Things that soak-up,
Sun to grow,
Things that farmers,
Like to sow...
They don't eat meat,
Dont hunt food,
But find plants sweet,
Rabbits, deer, buffalo,
Giant pandas, White rhino,
Hippo, elephant, guinea pig,
Horses, cows,
Small or big!
Each of those,
A herbivore,
Eating plants,
What they adore...

What is an Herbivore?

An herbivore is an animal that eats a diet consisting of plants. Herbivores are often prey of carnivorous animals.

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